Descriptive Paragraph: A Treasured Belonging


               Have you ever had a photograph that you have always treasured? I have a photograph of my grandparents that is a treasured belonging of mine. The photo is glossy and radiant with an antique finish that gives a feel of a rare treasure. They are holding hands and standing by a delicious, sweet, savory apple tree. The sun is beating down on a pleasantly windy day. My grandmother’s long coarse hair is blowing in the air. She looks luminous as my grandfather looks affectionately at her. They are staring intently into each other’s misty eyes. The feeling of the photo is shiny with a deep fondness for each other. As I glance at the photo, I reminisce at how beautiful and wonderful my grandparents were. The photograph will be a lasting memory of what wonderful grandparents I have been blessed with.


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